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Here are some photos of the components. 21 Nov
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You can come work here. We pay in beans...2 Dec
What did you do with the body?7 Dec
They look pretty simple. Did they just...7 Dec
Maybe contact Challenge and see if they...8 Dec
I got one of those for free in similar...9 Dec
I think your first step should be to...12 Dec
The 4 bolts with dials on each side of...12 Dec
So, what happened to the Kluges?15 Dec
$1000 for barn quality seems steep....15 Dec
Our shop is kind of like what you're...15 Dec
I will move them for free, to my shop.16 Dec
I shipped an imagesetter @ 300# via LTL...20 Dec
Am I sensing the start of a letterpress...20 Dec
I was dealing with some inking issues a...24 Dec
We struggle with this too. I'm...17 Jan
Had this happen. It was an almost exact...17 Jan
Definitely don't toss it. Those are...19 Jan
Definitely sounds like Heidelberg...22 Jan
Is the ink fountain available?24 Jan
But the fountain - is that there? Like...24 Jan
These are great machines. If there are...7 Feb
I've had it about four years. I...17 Feb
Good news. I oiled and wiggled, 745...17 Feb
Now that you mention it, skip feeding...18 Feb
http://dribbble.com/ That's an easy...9 Mar
Chipboard eats blades, I just burn the...23 Mar
How has it been working for you? Every...10 Apr
Oh, another question. There is...10 Apr
That makes sense. I have a bunch of...26 Apr
I think you need both. The C&P makes an...30 Apr
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I once went to a house that had had a...8 May