Single Phase Motor for C&P 8x12 or 10x15

What single phase motor would you recommend for a C&P 8x12 or 10x15.

Thank you

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I recommend any DC motor with a variable speed control.

I have come to like Baldor motors. The used ones are priced right, and they seem to last.

You could also get one of the GE-brand DC motors sold by McMaster Carr.

Thank you for your help. I will look into the Baldor motors. What horsepower do you recommend?

I have just rigged up a half horse Baldor motor to my 8 x 12 C&P. But more importantly, I have a Baldor frequency controller on the motor and I’m loving it. This thing will take that motor down to ten hertz (lower actually) and it will run the eight by at a creep speed—one impression every seven seconds. That may SOUND fast but that’s very slow. I can put a sheet in and go get a beer and be back in time to feed the second sheet. The big problem is cost, $850! (for motor and controller.) But what’s a finger worth. Since I teach newbies to run platens, this is gonna make my life a whole lot simpler.

Can you tell us more about the frequency controller you are running? I can’t seem to find it online.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you John. That is very helpful information. That sounds like the set up we need. You are right it is expensive but well worth the $850. Safety first! Do you have the model number of the motor that you use and where can I get the frequency controller? Thanks again for your help John.


The motor is now installed behind one of my presses and I can’t get to it without moving a cabinet. So you’ll have to bear with me on that info. The controller, and I don’t know the proper name for it, is a Baldor VS1ST11-O. This thing is real complicated and comes with a thick little instruction manual. I know nothing about electricity so have the people where I buy this stuff wire everything up for me and program the controller. All I have to do is build a mount beside the press for the controller, mount the motor behind the press, put a pulley on the motor, install a v-belt and plug in the system. I have just ordered four more of these motors and controllers. If you want to pay shipping along with my purchase price, I’ll be happy to sell one of the ones that I’m buying. I do not want to make money off this system, I want people to operate platens safely.

Thank you John. We think alike. I don’t want my wife to get hurt as she is just learning or me for that matter. I will look into purchasing the same set up as you.

Thanks again

That sounds like a great system John. Time to start saving to replace the old system I have on the 8x12. I am guessing the device you have is a VS1ST Microdrive from Baldor. How much did you pay for the Microdrive alone?

Also… are your motors 110 or 220v?

I can’t put my hands on the invoice right now but I think it was a bit over $600.
The motor is a 220 v but somehow this controller can be programed to make the motor run on 110v.