How do I remove my chase from my Kelsey Star 7x11?

My chase is firmly attached… i can’t figure out how to remove it, and I I fear I’ll damage my old Kelsey Star 7x11 if I try to yank the chase out.

There’s a lever that gives a little, but not enough for me to remove the chase.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to remove it?

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Does it look like the chase clamp might be “gummed up with old ink from cleaning or rust? You should be able to depress the chase clamp and be able to remove the chase without great difficulty. Try some penetrating oil in the pivot point of the lever and keep manipulating the lever to see if you can get it to open up enough to remove the chase. Also check to see if there might be a lump buildup of old ink which is preventing the lever movement.

Just prying the chase out can be detrimental as the chase, lever or both might be cast iron and would break before they would budge.

On my Kelsey Star the chase clamp moves side to side. (Toward the right hand side of the press). It is not depressed. This is the only press that I have that is has this type of chase clamp.

Hope this helps.


Maybe you could post a picture of the clamp mechanism. Is you press one of the later model star presses, or is it like the cast iron Star which is pictured in the Briar Press Museum site under jobbing presses?

I have a Kelsey Union, and the whole assembly above the chase rotates in order to remove the chase, but it has a thumb button which operates the action.

I will post a photo of the mechanism! Good idea jhenry. But, yes, it’s the old cast iron Star.

HHhmmmm- my old Star’s latch moved upward when the back part was pressed down….. so there may have been some variation in the mechanisms through the years. Either way, the “old ink” problem is a likely cause of it not releasing. I’d listen to JHenry, and avoid damaging the press.

I too would like to see pics of your press. Years ago I had to sell mine… and I’ve always wondered who wound up with it. Perhaps you are the owner of my old friend…. it was a great press.

I have acquired a Kelsey Star. It is a beauty. I have read the discussion regarding the chase latch. The latch on this press does move from left to right. It appears that a portion of the latch has been broken. The chase locks into place but the latch is rather difficult to move due to the piece being incomplete. I would appreciate if someone would be willing to send/post an actual picture of the latch on their press.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m restoring a Kelsey Star 7” x 11” and am in need of a chase! If anyone has any inof, it would be mighty appreciated!

If you can get someone to post the inside and outside dimensions of a Kelsey Star chase I’ll look through my pile of unknown chases.