Alternatives to Tympan Paper

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come up with some alternative solutions to tympan paper? I have read other discussions on different materials on packing and make ready, but none yet on tympan. My friend Paul suggested brown paper bags with a little bit of oil rubbed on them, which I have yet to try. However, I didn’t know if anyone came up with other solutions to help with the cost of tympan.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use any kind of paper you like. Hard packing will compress less over the run, making your make-ready more hassle free and give you a crisper print. The oily surface makes it easy to wipe off ink. Some people use mylar instead of tympan.

Thanks, I actually found this exact discussion in a google search on briarpress. It did not come up tho when I did an internal search on this site.

I guess there is no way to delete a post to help abate redundancy?

Hi Matt,

I have been wanting to try Reynolds parchment paper (normally used as a non stick baking aid). It comes 15” wide on rolls. I was thinking of trying it on my Poco because of the size requirements.

Matt, Tyvek house wrap works great.


I just use a coated sheet, ink wipes off well and it seems to last pretty good. Although the tyvek sounds good. Hey John, you going to bake on that poco? try a thin rubber blanket, i put mine on in 1966, still works. Dick G.

DickG. Not bake, just roll out the dough. I have a offset blanket on the press and hold it on with the tympan sheet.

In older manuals, manila paper is mentioned as a topsheet, oiled. I tend to use plastic (duralar) on cylinders, tympan on platens. Gauge pins and plastic are not a good match. If the platen has built-in lays or a lay-band, plastic is possible, but static can be a problem.

On my windmills i use a piece of fiberglass board taped to the platen, static is a big problem so i tape a piece of 110 lb. index over the fiberglass. Dick G.

Plastic coated butcher paper or freezer wrap works well.

I have been using yupo paper and it seems to work great! It is designed to be a water color paper.

I just use butcher paper ob my windmill. Comes on a big roll and I cut out a new tympan sheet from a template I made from a sheet of lettra. Works good for cheapskates.