Searching for cutting sticks

Hello all,

I have an old C&P 26” cutter that has a wooden cutting stick measuring 26 x 1 11/32 square. I am searching for replacements. Does not have to be wood…can be polyurethane/plastic. I have checked the normal suppliers…american, NA, Don Black etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you, -Clay

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Get someone to put your old stick through a router make a recess to fit sticks you CAN find , machine the recess off set so you can roll and twist your stick insert to get four hitsper stick . I stopped looking for things i could make or adapt long ago but you will learn !!

I did exactly what Peter suggested for my cutter. I cut a rabbet to fit the plastic cutting stick and now I can purchase a 1/2”x1/2” stick (readily available) and get eight uses out of it before replacing.

John Henry

Totally got it! Perfect solution, thanks gents. -Clay

Try these guys as well.

I bought mine for a Challenge 19” and 26” from L.A. Grinding in Los Angeles, CA. I believe you must buy them in packages of 12. No fuss. The are also excellent for anyone in the local area as they pick up and deliver for free the blades they sharpen for you!

Mid Atlantic Knife in Ashland VA sharpens cutter blades and also stocks cutting sticks — not sure about what sizes.


When I had a 23” C&P cutter with large sticks, I got them from American Printing Equipment. In those days there was also a company called Lasticks, which sold filler blocks in different sizes, and cutting sticks to fit. They only worked for four cuts rather than eight as you get with square sticks.
Today’s manufacturers don’t even know such large sticks ever existed.

I had an old guillotine once that had a wooden stick rotted into the thing ! about 3/4 square ,that went for the sake of hands , i am not one for the rescue of those things .