I have a used Polimero A3 platemaker that I’m looking to sell. I honestly have no idea how to appraise its value. It hasn’t been used for real in probably 7-8 years. It worked 2 years ago when I bought it, as the previous owner tested it for me. It came with the other equipment I bought but I don’t have the volume of work to keep it operational. If anyone’s interested, or cares to share what the value of this might be, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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Don’t know if this will be helpful but, we have a A4 Polimero platemaker that we bought recently for $700. It is in good working condition, but we did have to replace the bulbs.

At least it gives me a start, thank you! I have the original bill of sale from the mid 80s that listed it as around $7K, I recall, but I figure it’s lost some value since then!

Ours is maybe from the 80s too. Couple more things popped into my head. The timers don’t work great, but we use our own and it’s no biggie. And we weren’t able to see it under power when we bought it. Good luck!

Timers and uv exposure units are a bit of a miss match ,i dont do platemaking but i do know that as the bulbs age the timers are pretty irrelevant as you have to keep compensating for the reduced action of the weakening bulbs . You come to learn how to compensate for the bulbs ,the timer is only a boon in that you can leave the unit to get on with the job whilst you go get a cuppa ,if you have to you can use a stopwatch but it becomes tiresome in the end if you are burning dozens of polys but for one offs now and then why bother with the extra cost of replacing something that you have to juggle times with anyway/

Yeah, peter has a point- I don’t understand why there aren’t integrators on most of these systems.