from synthesizer to .svg to laser cutter

din 7.0 is out!

jag and i are working/thinking/testing a book—we made some test-runs already and the results are devastating. we shall continue to test laser cuts and layouts with the support of fablab in lisbon.

in the meantime, jagannathan sampath aka jag is touring through portugal and already gave his grace to portuguese people around lisbon and caldas da rainha, showing his software — din is noise.
din is noise is a software synthesizer. below is a video picturing the talk that jag did at the local arts and design school, did a workshop in casa bernardo, some jamming with atr – associação terapêutica do ruído, and also an interview to’s a text about it and thats what we used as a test on the laser cutter.

now jag is working on the content for the book and on din code, as the 7.0 version is almost out.

din is available for linux (FLOSS), mac osx and windows.

as for me, i know din from some years ago, back in the 1.x.x version era while chatting on din’s own irc server. i found it while seeking drone driven sound software and there it was! din was also included in the puredyne distro package. let me say that i’m a software enthusiast and this piece is mindblowing for both visual and audio senses. the possibilities are endless.

already did a couple of gigs using din, and it’s so versatile and powerfull instrument for both ambient drones and lead synth lines. you can take a tour of din in a video series that jag recorded himself.

get your copy while its fresh and cheap. a little bird told me that the license for both window$ and mac o$x will rise in value.

more news s8n.

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Hi apmub,

I’m going to guess that English is not your first language? Did you use an automatic translation service for this post? If so, I suggest making your original wording a bit simpler to yeild clearer results.

I was, and still am to a degree, confused as to what this post is about?

It seems someone you work with created a piece of software, used it to generate a text, which was then laser-engraved and printed?


Looks like spam to me — offering the din software, not really interested in printing or books. I flagged it.


Not spam, alternative press.

@kim you are right. english is my second language.
anyway, any of the tongues spoken in the world are a fraud, concerning what happens inside the brain.
you are not confused about what the post is about… you understood it all. thank you

@bob you should be prescribed a sort of anxiety medication to online commenting or flagging… i used to play minesweeper! anyway… the post is about a book, and it will be printed soon. you can see the laser cut matrix in the blogs above which will turn into a sort of negative type. the type itself was designed by jag himself inside the software. it will be the most devastating book ever printed as the ink will cover everything but the letters.
take a look at the link. i’m human.

@anonymouse thank you :)

AdLibPress, I thought it was spam too, but (going against my instincts) I decided to check out the link and it appears to be legit. From looking at another link on that site, the software in question is a digital synth that uses bezier-curves to edit its waveforms.

No clue how that translated into the text on the engraved plate. I think it is a text *about*, not from, the software… set in a tech-looking typeface.


why is the software called DIN is Noise, any idea?

I’m fairly sure many books have been printed in reverse like this, though none spring to mind. Perhaps it is unique in that the plate is laser-engraved in reverse, but even that seems unlikely knowing the number of modern printers experimenting with laser-cutters. It is a cool project though, I do wish you were taking higher quality photos of your work, but it seems you have a specific aesthetic going on the site :)

A few printers who have experimented with laser-engraved blocks for printing have posted on Briarpress recently, you should go check out those threads, there might be some helpful information.


imagine that! i just ordered a scan (here in portugal is difficult to scan documents… only government uses such devices and you have to order it with a week in advance. they do it for free though…
by tomorrow i’ll have it uploaded. i’ll make sure you are advised.
the font was designed inside the software itself, as the text.
the output is direct from the software to .svg. so the type was set in the software. conceptual **it. like a spice or butter on bread.
anyway its called din is noise, because din is noise.

ok. so if i’m to sell anything i’ll sell the letterdress brand idea to you ^^

My apologies, apmub. I didn’t take the time to research it as kimaboe did.


Apmub, was the typeface drawn using the tool used to design the waveform? If so, that sounds (no pun intended) very interesting :)

I asked about the name, because DIN is the acronym of Deutsches Institut für Normung, as well as the many typefaces named after that organization.

You can’t buy a scanner in Portugal? That sounds very strange.

how to reduce the work of forgers ,remove the access to scanning !! Makes it a realm only for the highly skilled to copy that which should not be copied.

apmub, GIGO= garbage in garbage out. The sun also makes noise, big deal. Butter on bread is good. Crappy printing is still crappy printing. Adhesive tape does not have gender, get some knowledge. I agree with you, your results are devastating and horrid. Negative type is called a reverse. I’m self medicated and I have a built in BS detector. I suspect your going to have a fair amount of setoff maybe you could create some software that will
take care of that. best james

Same was said to Pollock, Picasso, Stravinsky, Gehry, Ono, Cage, Kerouac, Joyce, Rauschenberg, Beckett, Godard, Burroughs…

@james im still thinking in why you care to comment such devastating words! thank you! that really filled my ego bubble, near the pineal gland.

While the original post does refer in passing to a book and to text, the rest is incomprehensible references to software, audio, video, with a sales pitch at the end, and all wiithout a capital letter except for one computer acronym.
If not spam, still extremely spamiform.