Howdy - I have a client wants a blood red seal on a vellum overwrap around invitations. What is the best source for wax? Concerned about getting the right one that stays on vellum.

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Amazon sell sealing wax

LetterSeals.com. A wealth of information and supplies.



I’ve dealt with waxseals.com in the past. They offer premade, adhesive seals that I’ve used for a project before. They were great timesavers.

Princeton Sealing Wax Co. in Illinois is the maker of the sealing wax we sell and it is the traditional hard wax used both for fixing gauge pins and for making seals on paper envelopes. I would hope people would seek out the established suppliers of graphic arts supplies before hitting on places like Amazon—not that we are making a killing or even a livlihood on sealing wax, but it is part of the mix that helps keep us here to furnish all the other things as well.


or as I once read in our local newspaper, “ceiling wax.” That was written by the same guy who once wrote the town had a new license fee for “spaded” dogs—ouch.

Thanks all - I’m not buying it on Amazon - I will go to the source :-)

They sell a form of plastic sealing wax that will not crack and is actually safe to mail, also seals and calligraphy supplies