Other photopolymer plates

Hi guys. I’ve got a question.
When I bought my photopolymer processor the person who I bought it from included a carton of Toyobo Plates, these are SF095GB, they are the same thickness as what I usually use, KF95, polyester film backing, etc.
But the hardness is 40 on Shore D.
What could I possibly use this material for?
It’s a lot, almost half a carton of A2 plates, plus a lot of medium sized scraps.
Could I use it for letterpress or do you recommend I try selling it to someone who can?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Typo on the hardness, meant 40 not 400

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Have you tested them out? These plates are Shore D 40, not 400. You might try using them for plates that don’t involve small type, fine line, or isolated dots.

They might work just fine for bold and graphic poster work.


Yeah I’ve tested them, they work good for stuff that doesn’t require deep impression. Yeah for posters that would be a good idea.
What do you recommend in terms of storage? How long will they last? It’s a lot of material for me and my processor is A3.

Thanks, Daniel.

The standard recommendation for storing photopolymer plates is to store them in a cool, dry place away from heat, light, and sources of ozone like UV lamps and electric motors.

They may last a couple of years but their sensitivity to light may change over time, so you should probably make an exposure test from time to time, before using them.

I would guess that plates being sold by anyone other than a distributor would have a pretty low resale value. I’d suggest you figure out a poster series that will make use of them in the next year or two. Maybe some artist collaborations?

A big case of polymer plates suitable for poster work is an incredible asset!


Thanks, Dan, you’ve given me a new perspective on something I wanted to get out of the way. That is actually a great idea.
Thanks to you as well, Geoffrey.

I use KF95 for letterpress and even 4 pt type can be read. Have you tried this other stuff on a letterpress. If you like, send me a piece and I will try it on my windmill.

highlands, he isn’t talking about KF95, he is talking about SF095GB.