Heidelberg cylinder KSBA 18x23

A very good day to you all. My first post on here and I hope the vast knowledge of my fellow members will be able to help.
Recently acquired a KSBA 18x23, complete with inking unit. However on closer inspection and upon trying to print large halftones discovered I’m missing the necessary rider roller to eliminate a problem. Would anyone know the diameter and finish of said roller? Cheers.

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Hello Blueprrinttt,
the roller you need is available at whittenburg inc, they are located in the USA near Nashville, I had them made while I worked there, please let them know that I put you in touch with them, let me know how you get on
Graeme Smith

with 4 form rollers there are 7 rubber rollers total in the ink train. how many are you using?

Thanks Graeme have e-mailed, just waiting on a response.

Mike, the KSBA runs on 3 form rollers and a rider because of the extended bed. The rider removes a repeat line from any halftone about 52mm from the front edge of the sheet.


Thanks for the correction my manual is for a KSB and my press is a KSBA.I have used a 2” roller in the first(closest to gripper) position. Exact size if you find out before me post here and vice versa.

Will do Mike.

if you want to i can send you de manual with the specs you need

phase4, I just need the diameter and what finish the roller has. Thanks.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m curious if anyone here could help.

I’ve got power to a KSBA and the light on the fusebox, and the lights over the bed and delivery turn on, but the motor doesn’t kick on and nothing moves when I move to “run.”

Have I blown a fuse? Does anyone have a fuse map for the KSBA? (18x~23)


There should be an electrical diagram pasted inside the door of the control box.
I’d check the mechanical safeties that stop operation, one triggered by a full delivery (at the foot), another by a delivery jam (at the stops). Even then, I think you’d be able to inch the press.
There’s also the issue of a lifted bed guard.