Hello all. I have a paper cutter that is stamped its was used in the army is painted in an olive drab color. I would like to touch it up because it has some exposed metal. I was hoping to find rustoleum in such a color but no luck do you guys have any suggestions on whatbthe actual paint color/ brand was used. Thanks!

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Look on eBay for “Spray Paint Olive Drab”. You can get a flat or semi-gloss version, depending on your needs.

I have found spray paints. I was hoping to find it in a can and brush it on, especially because the cutter is in the bases on the side where the hot water heater is and I don’t think the fumes would play nice :)

Well, a similar google or ebay search for ‘quart olive drab’ will probably yield something usable…?


I did see that one earlier… Pricey whew haha…. oh the sacrifices we make :) Guess ill just have to buy it and find out if its the right color… The color of mine seems a little darker than what I would consider Olive Drab but oh well :)

One idea is to go to your local Home Despot or whatever paint department you have nearby and get some color swatch strips that look to be close and try to match the color with them. Then have them mix you a quart (I know, that’s a lot, but the minimum they’ll mix) of the finish you want — gloss, semi-gloss probably about what it is. You’ll have enough paint to repaint the whole thing.


If you are only touching up small patches then model-makers’ paints might be the answer, especially as for military modellers, the paint manufacturers make a wide range of authentic shades of military colours in both gloss and matt/drab in very small pots. If you can’t precisely match the shade then you can readily mix the paints - they are usually formulated to be easily mixed.

Very few O.D. items at an Army/Navy surplus store match.
Bob’s suggestion makes sense.
As does Free Presses’.

I think it would be fun, though,
to consider doing it up a lever cutter in a Forest Camo.
You already have the base color down.


Found this swatch its close…. ish ha. I like the color just worried I would have to paint yhe whole thing that color and it look like crap :(. Guess ill go back tomorrow and see if incan find a darker one. Or do you think that it will be darker painted on as a semi gloss. Still dont even know if they can mix an enamal in this these colors. ;(

image: image.jpg


I believe you can take a sample and they could match it. You would have to bring in a small part of the machine, something you can easily take off. Mind you—they might only be able to mix a minimum of 1 gallon.

The Free Presse had the best advice: get thee to a model shop and buy some model paint. The water based stuff from the hardware store isn’t going to work very well on metal.

Yeah I talked to the guy at Lowes and he said they can mix some oil based enamels depending on color. Also found some paint used for military vehicles however its $90 bucks a gallon ha… Going to have to see if i can find a local model shop it seems.