M. J. Engineering, Inc.

Does anyone know if this company is still in business?
I tried the phone number in the yellow page listing here and it was only able to leave a message for “Ken”.

Any input would be helpful, as I need to repair my Kluge band register system.

Thank you-

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what do you need fixed about it? i 30 years kluge repair and running exp.

Jfritz, Got those units on 2 klugies, they are great!!! Last I heard they went out of business, so the story goes… I have a few spare parts, what do you need? when I purchased my units I insisted on getting spare parts. The brass guide blocks can be had from Kluge. Carl

2727- I am not even sure that my parts are MJ’s. I am looking to replace the band holders down at the bottom of the platen. Mine had 4 brass colored “pins” and are adjustable with a thumb screw. A couple of the “pins” are no longer there and one side had been “pinched” prior to my getting the press. Also where can I get a replacement “band” the one I have now is too long and I put the holes in it to fit, would like to get it all back to where it should be.

Bottom bands, the attaching hooks, and the brass guide blocks in several variations that attach to the bottom bands are still available as well as the side guides and related parts. Click on Fritz1 above and you’ll have my webpage link where you can find all the Kluge parts.