International shipping (AtypI Letterpress Reloaded)

Is anyone making posters for ATypI Brazil’s Letterpress Reloaded exhibit? I’m trying to figure out the best way to ship the posters down there. So far, I’ve been given quotes of $130 and $250 from UPS. The trick that I haven’t sorted out is ATypI says to make sure the packages are marked as No Commercial Value, but UPS is requiring a minimum value of $1. Any customs duty will cause them to reject the shipment.

So, anyone doing this and figured out a way to send the posters?


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Why not use International Priority Mail?


That’s what I ended up doing. UPS prices were wildly varying from store to store. Priority Mail was still expensive. Hopefully it doesn’t get rejected at customs…

We ship internationally several times a week, all by International Priority mail or for parcels under one pound, by First Class International, and just now I had a call from the postal service checking on how we are doing using the post office. But, I have never had a problem with international mail, to any country including the several customers we have in Russia. Postage can be purchased on line, and with an account with them, it is relatively easy. UPS and FedEx on the other hand, can be hugely expensive and difficult. Using a UPS store can result in charges being several times what those of us with accounts pay. And the only problem we had was shipping type with customs inspectors opening the package and dumping the type—we solved that by wrapping the type in clear plastic wrap so they can see the contents.