Creasing with matrix question

When using a matrix with the creasing rule how do each of you “cut” the matrix to fit into tight areas with angled cutting rule at same corner? I pealed back the locating rider and “nipped the matrix with scissors but, this will dull my scissors quickly as my matrix is metal backed. Should I cut it before having it on the platen, (die jacket) or when I locate it on the die then have all at once stick to die jacket?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you-

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they make a tool to cut the angles on the matrix

Side cutting/diagonal pliers work fine on metal or film backed matrix. You should not have to peel back the locater, that defeats it’s purpose. I switched over to film backed matrix as soon as it was available.


Do you know who makes the tool?

when I’m in my shop tomorrow I will see if I can find out who makes this, its very handy to have.

Bar-Plate Dolphin Cutter

image: IMG_1173 (2).JPG

IMG_1173 (2).JPG

a GOOD pair of scissors will cut that stuff all day long. look into “Fiskars” for one good name brand, of scissors.
I also use the newer plastic based/mylar backed matrix. your creasing rule in your die(s) is set up for the metal backed. So, if you just switch to this your crease will prob be light. metal backed is thicker than mylar backed so, your present die is prob .918 cut/ .895 crease for metal backed. your die for mylar/plastic would prob be .918 cut/ .900-.905 crease.
The nice thing thing about using this plastic/mylar backed is, the creasing rule is much closer height to cut rule, leaving less variance on the stock between the two.