Gauge pins and registering on 8x12 C&P

I am using Megill Spring Tongue Gauge Pins, new packing, I put an image on the packing and line up my pins. The first impression with paper to check if the form is squared up correctly on the page is less than a 1/16 off. So, I push the pin on the far right a little up or down to square up the image.
The next impression the image will be 1/8 off.

So, I push the pin a amount up, the third proof is 1/16 off as it was to start.

Each time I move the far right a little up or down the image jumps 1/8 or 1/16. After fighting with it for 10 minutes, I get it squared up. I start to print, I once again after two or three sheets check to see if it square, it will be off 1/18.

So, once again I move the pin far right pin a little. It will line up, until I start to print again, once again if off 1/16.

It takes me 30 minutes from start to finish to get it stay put.

I tape the packing down because the rods that hold the packing are old and no longer hold the packing in place. I use duck tape to tape the packing down before pulling the first impression.

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I’d guess your packing is moving as you feed in paper despite your taping it down. You’ll need to adjust the tympan bales until they hold the tympan. The packing under the tympan won’t shift unless you are pinning the packing to the tympan with the gauge pins.

You are using tympan in addition to packing, right?

As a temporary measure you can thicken the tympan by folding over the top and bottom edges until the tympan bales do hold it in place.

Are you tapping in the gauge pins once set so that their teeth can bite into the tympan?


Yes on taping. Tympan bales at the bottom have broken off, so I tape the Tympan at the bottom.

Sounds like you need to get some better tape and/or make sure your packing is no longer slipping- then if that isn’t the problem, tapping in may not be enough and you might require Sealing wax. Consult “General printing” as to the procedure for setting your pins with sealing wax.

Drill and tap bail. Put machine screws in and your set.
Tapeing is not good.
Text me if u need more info.