ink is cloudy

Hi everybody,
I have a problem with the ink on my print.
It’s not covering it al with ink. bit cloudy. (see the pictures)

How comes? I have renew the rollers 4 months ago.
More ink is not helping,

Can it causes the spin of the rollers thats not turning well?
Or the height of the rollers is nog low enough?

I have a deglazer but not really know how to use it? just rub it with a rag?

Thank you for helping

image: 6.png


image: 4.jpg


image: 2.png


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Can i some bath to put the rollers into?

It looks to me from the photos, that it may be the roughness of the paper that you are seeing, rather than uneven inking.

John Henry

It also looks in the first photo like maybe it is over inked, filling in the small reversed lettering.

You could try a very stiff high-tack ink. John’s observation about the paper texture is probably right on target — the ink gets squeezed into the low spots by the extra pressure you are using to get the “deep impression” look. The use of high-viscosity high-tack ink, with a bare minimum of ink on the press, should help. If the lighter inking results in a paler color than you want you should darken the ink rather than adding more. Be careful not to get too high a tack or it will pull fibers from the paper.


Thanks? But it’s also with other paper kinds.
Can it the state of the ink roller?

I mean also the last example ( emma)
The white spots in the letters?

Bad pores?

I agree with the other two that it looks to be the paper texture, and I think you’re seeing it on all the papers you’re using because it is coupled with transparency in the ink.

Do you get the same results with an ultra-smooth paper? If so, it could be something to do with your rollers or the pressure of the rollers on your plates. What kind of plates are you using?

I’ve overcome spotty ink coverage myself in the past by actually making the ink a lower tack rather than higher……… To aid in transfer…. and adding as little ink as possible as part of this process.

Do you have anything you can add to the ink in small amounts to reduce the tack? Tack reducer?

ok… i’m with JHenry, and Bob on this one…. with a few additional comments:

your block/type may not be making firm contact on the deeper grain of the paper. Even though you are pressing into the stock, you may not have enough pressure to make full contact with the paper’s grain.

Two things I’d check: 1- are you using a hard tympan / backing? In this case, hard is good. soft is bad. A soft one may allow for the image to indent the paper, but still not have enough pressure to print well. Also… look at ink tack. A less tacky ink (like an oil based) may help you here.

what press and ink are you using?

Thx, I don’t have a tack reducer.
I use photopolymhere plates from Jet.

I use Van Sons ink and have an vandercook sp 15.

i use a paper thympan.

The pressure on the rollers how do i get this, just turn the knobs?

Hello Freuteken, I’ll answer you in Dutch, that’s probably easier. Het is misschien een goed idee om een basis instructie te volgen om goed te kunnen werken met een SP15. Door aan de knoppen te draaien, kun je de inktoverdarcht regelen, maar dat is niet alles.Neem contact op wanneer je wilt: [email protected]