Found C&P serial but cannot find year

I am looking at purchasing a Chandler & Price 10x15 from a local machine shop that is closing down for retirement. The press has not been run in about 20 years according to the owner, but was stored in good working condition. I went and checked the press out and everything spins freely and operates as it should. I am however having difficultly in identifying the year this press was produced. I have identified the serial number (or so I think), but it does not match up to any serial/year lists I have found online. I have some pictures of the press that think show the serial number. Any input would be welcome.


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Is the press an old or new style? This is the list I used to identify my C&P:

The number should be in the upper left corner of the chase bed.

I found the serial, but it does not seem to correspond to any of the numbers on the pdf. I am trying to attach a picture, hopefully it uploads.

The serial appears to be C67808

File size was to big. This one should work.

image: serial1.jpg



Agreed. 1925. In the PDF at the link above - 2nd page - 10x15.


Thank you, how did you figure that out? I see on the pdf there is a C67101 that is 1925. Was there a sub-model or some other variation that would have received the 808 serial?

Here is another pic if that helps at all. It has not been run in 30 years almost, but I checked it out and it spins freely and there is no play in any of the components.

image: pressside.jpg


The serial number listed for each year is the first press produced that year, thus C67101 was the first press manufactured in 1925 and C68275 was the last press, in the 10x15 size range. And since your press has a number within that range, it was made in 1925.


Thank you for that info, that makes sense now. Everyday is a school day!! I am going to pick up this press this week and get her back into production after a through cleaning an oil job.