Windmill is not level

I have a 10x15 Windmill sitting on a good solid concreate floor. I have noticed though that it is not level. The floor slants quite a bit, down on the flywheel side. I have poles to go through the pipe holes and jacks to raise it up and level it but I am not sure what the best way to do this is? The amount of tilt is significant. I estimate one side of the base would need to be raised about 1/2 to 3/4” to bring it right. I was thinking getting a piece of hardened steel plate cut to fit under one side of the base to raise it on one side?
I am sure someone out there has leveled these machines.
Any suggestions?

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Steel is too expensive and is overkill. Wood is just fine.

3in wide plywood will work. Long enough to run it down under the edge of press at base.(Not just at the corners), make sure it is not “Rocking Cross corner” at the base when done. check each week for 6 to address any “settling” that may occur. then again periodically.
PS: with a floor that far off over the course of 2-3 ft, is the building safe for a press? or you?

Thanks for the suggestion. The building is solid. I just happen to find a low spot, near a large door. It has been running just fine there but I am afraid the slight incline might affect how it wears over time.

Might not be an issue, but sometimes heavy items that ‘rock’ during normal operation can ‘walk’ their way down a slant, even when leveled out.
If the floor is slanted in general in this spot It may be worth it to put a couple bolts in the floor and secure from the bottom of the slant to prevent this.

Thanks for the heads up, I think this is something I will have to keep a close eye on after I level it out. I do have the option to move it, but it is set up just the way I like it for lighting and work space and I don’t fancy rewiring. But if it starts creeping out the door on its own I’ll be all over that.

Actually it has been sitting in the same position for over a year now and though it hasn’t had a lot of use it has operated just fine. The only issue I have had is that I have been putting more oil through the central lubrication system than I thought was normal. I had a friend out recently who is quite familiar with the 10x15 and he suggested it was possible that the tilt was a factor in that issue and also that it could affect how well it is getting lubricated.

Well, You could mark the placement of it out on the floor somehow or take a very careful measurement.

my windmill, the oiling is the single lever manual pump. one or 2 pulls pressurizes the system. the oil usage is determined by how often i choose to oil it.
Yours has a Central automated system?

Yes it has central lube system. I do get pressure and can see the oil coming out of the ink drum bearing on the flywheel side when I pump it a few times. But the oil in the filler drops down immediately. I think I have spotted the oil cup T 0316 is leaking a bit. It is very low - inside the back cover behind the press to the back of the 2 red oil wick cups. I think repairing this may decrease the oil consumption. My concern on the leveling is getting even distribution of the oil and even wear on bearings for both sides of the press. So I think I may have two things to fix.
Someone suggested the two may be related.
So I am thinking level the press, if that does not change the amount of oil I am using, then the leak is accounting for the excessive waste.
Thanks for your comment, very helpful…

That seems sound to me!

Thanks, through this thread and via emails I have received some excellent advice on how to preform this task and things to consider.

The windmill is now spot on level. And, a slight clanking noise that used to come from the inking cylinder has mysteriously disappeared.