Data Matrix typeface?

Hello all, I am completely new to the letterpress world. I bought out a retired printer several years ago and had no use for the hundred or so fonts that came with the package. Now I am wanting to sell the type and am learning A LOT about this fascinating hobby. Anyway…. I have this one set that I cannot identify. I want to list it for sale, but have no idea how to describe it. It looks like whats used to make data matrix barcodes, but I don’t know wheat that would be called. I hope someone out there can help. Thanks so much!

image: computer type.jpg

computer type.jpg

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Those are MICR figures. Check imprinting is a typical use.

That’s where I’ve seen those symbols! It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t remember. Makes sense. Thank you so much!

Their proper name is E-13b and may be either to the USA Banking standard, or the UK. The USA originally only wanted still figures, and these were to be printed litho. The UK coming later to the problem, had to have a serial number ( printed from a specially made numbering box by Lethaby & Co) i.e. by definition letterpress. The IBM reader heads did’nt like letterpress ink squeeze, so here (Pat Cockman of Lethaby) redesigned the face onto a grid a tiny bit smaller, the readers were then happy.
Cheque printers in the UK had to adopt techniques quite new to the industry to produce to the standard required. I should know, its all my fault. Is there any label on the box?? .

I could bore for England on this subject, but in passing there was a UK rival, which also (just) made it into metal type.
Its called FRED, designed by EMI engineers at Hayes
by modifying Falstaff figures. FRED = Figure Reading Electronic Device. There were tests, and it worked well, but the UK banks went for big brother blue. Booo!