Adjusting roller resting position

Good day everybody,

I need to adjust the roller’s resting/”parking” position on one of my tabletop presses.

As you can see in the pictures, the brown presses “arms” have the correct angle and the rollers park down there without touching the press itself.

But on the blue press (that some poor fool painted without disassembling :/ ), the angle is much too wide, resulting in the rollers touching the press body. This is of course bad for the rollers, which I just had redone and don’t want to risk getting any flat spots.

I’m not really sure where I can adjust this? Do I have to turn the axis of the arms itself (meaning it’s going to be some bigger adjustment) or can it be done with the parallel poles?

I’m grateful for any help with this!

Thank you and kind regards,

image: roller-position1.jpg


image: roller-position2.jpg


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It is OK for the roller arms to rest any place except on the ink disk or on the form. The rollers may rest with the trucks on the rails so long as the rubber is not resting on anything.
I remove my rollers each time after printing and give them a thorough cleaning with special care to the ends. They remain off the press in a simple box supported only by the ends.

Well yes, but the roller arms on the blue press have a slightly different angle which makes the rollers touch the press body on the lowest position. The brown press (same model, same maker, same roller diameter and trucks) is better adjusted, the rollers rubber don’t touch anything in the resting position.

That is why I want to make an adjustment to the blue press, but I don’t know where I have to start!

Removing the rollers would be another option, yes. But as it works with the brown press, I thought there should be a way to make an adjustment somehow…

edit: of course this also leads to ink deposition on the press body while printing. Even though the press already looks weird with this hideous paint job, I have no intention making it worse ;)

check to see that the pin which holds the roller arms to the shaft in not shorn. I have seen some presses in which this has happened, and the roller arms get out of position, causing difficulties.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

So I have been measuring the length of the metal poles that connect the roller arms with the platen arms. Turns out, the blue press has shorter poles than the brown press. The missing 1,5 centimetres are exactly the cause of the problem.

Now, I don’t know what to do, besides live with the problem :-(

Since the press is screwed into a base, you could position a bumper block that keeps the roller arm from going all the way down. Make sure it hits a spot that doesn’t overly stress the mechanism, perhaps on both sides for even distribution. (Wrong size and place could do more harm than good.)
It appears the press isn’t screwed all the way down, and that should be done for a bumper to work.

That’s a good suggestion, thank you!

You are right, the screws are too long for the base. Getting smaller screws is right on top of my list :-)

Consider carriage bolts inserted from below. They make a very solid attachment. There’s plenty of room for washer and nut over the foot of the press.