help with this font

I just fond this large metal type but can’t figure out the font. It looks very similar to Bodoni Bold Italic but a few letters seem to be a bit off. Any help would be appreciated.

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Picture would help

Hopefully it works this time. I have 3 sets in 45 pts, 36 pts, and 31 pts. All new to this and it is very exciting!

I thought it might be Bodoni Bold Italic but the lower case f is wrong.

image: unkmetaltype1.jpg


Suggestion - set an alphabetic set of caps and lower caps, take a photo and flip it so it is right-reading - and be sure to have it in focus. Hard to identify type at this size photo. Also, type sizes in this range are usually measured by the full body size (top of the tallest ascender, measured to the bottom of the lowest descender). I’m guessing 48/36/30 points in your case.

Thank you very much. I will work on that.

Might be Monotype Falstaff? or if it were true Founders
type with SB as a pin mark, just possibly Thorowgood Italic.
Interestingly Monotype had several goes at getting ordinary Bodoni right, just possibly they had two goes at getting the
Bold Italic right.

Doesn’t look like either of those. Most of the letters look like the Bodoni Bold Italic. I will have to look more into that. If it helps, these metal type casts have a slant and slight s shaped curve instead of being rectangle.

Seems like an angled body almost has to be foundry. Is there any sign of a pinmark on either side of the body (left or right)? If you measure the body, not the letter face, laid on the foot side of the letter on a flat surface and measure how far the top surface is from that you cand get the correct type size. But it might be Didot or German, both different from English and American. Does it have one or more nicks, and is the nick on the foot-of-the-letter side of the type body?


There has been reference here on BriarPress to Monotype Palace Script cast on an angle body, though the specific machine was not mentioned, or if any other Monotype faces were so cast. It does look like there’s one Monotype Giant-cast space in the case shown, though I doubt that machine’d also do angle body, but a Super Caster might do that range of sizes with the right moulds.
Off-hand, I can’t think of any ATF angle body types that are not script faces. If ATF, there would be the identifying number up on the shoulder.

OK. I finished organizing and did a hand press for better reference (my very first press).

I will look more carefully for those markings too. Thanks for all the help.

image: IMG_20200117_132112.jpg


The typeface pictured appears to be ATF Century Oldstyle Bold Italic, or a Stephenson Blake equivalent. ATF did cast several of their italic types (non script) on angle bodies for a number of years.


Thank you so much!