Mystery Gizmo

This gizmo may not even be related to letterpress. Anyone recognize this. Dimensions: 3x.375. Attached image.

thanks for looking


image: MysteryGizmo_8428.jpg


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Looks like a really cool bottle opener to me

If it is a bottle opener, then, yes, it’s printing related.

Hahaha. Best laugh I’ve had in a week. Thanks, John


Funny stuff

Well, it just so happens that I had some experience with this printer’s tool in the past and need not to attend a workshop on using it.

Thank you John, I knew you knew.


I can totally see this being used as a bottle opener. A very important tool on the bench of any printer, but as one who loves to collect odd tools, I look at the diameter of the hole in the cap and it looks (without having it in hand) like the same diameter of the throat of the hook on the steel part.
From the photograph it looks as though when capped, the point of the steel piece matches to the center of the hole of the cap. Is that what I am seeing? Cleaning device? A centering device? Also the knurled knob of the tailpiece has my curiosity as well.
I see no makers marks.
In the meantime, pop a top of your favorite beverage and ponder. John’s is the most practical use of the tool for sure.

Howdy Finger_Print — The cap does not slide all the way over the steel piece … if it is a bottle opener, why the knurled knob? is a good question … see attached image.

image: MysteryGizmo_8428_b.jpg


The clue is the hole at the bottom, so it can be fixed on a Keychain -eh?

It’s removable, so than your buddy needs it , you can help him.
Give a guy a Lathe m he knows how to use it and ample time and see what you get

Love it! One should be included with every case of coasters.

Pipe smoking tamp/bottle opener combo swiss army knife?

Looks like a pad counter. Check the opening, without an actual scale it looks like it’ll cut around 50 sheets of 20# bond from a stack.

Can also be used as a bottle opener :D.