C&P Rider roller

I wanted to post that I succeeded in finding a oscillating rider roller to fit the brackets that came attached on my roller saddles. These seem hard to track down, took me almost a year to find one. I still need to source bolts to fit in the top holes that will hold the roller in position, but that should be easy enough.

I’ve seen a lot of people post on here and on Facebook groups looking for a C&P rider roller. They’re out there! This one fits beautifully on my 1921 NS 10x15.


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Here are some photos for anyone curious.


image: 4.jpg


image: 3.jpg


image: 2.jpg


image: 1.jpg


This is a major improvement to a C&P, especially if using the long fountain, but not complete.
I used to have a similar rider roller (Acme?) that clipped below the two lower rollers, and its advantages were, saddle oil holes were accessible (LUBRICATE!), and distribution happened on the final stroke of the rollers, so roller-ghosting was minimized.
If you could add that you would have best distribution possible.

parallel_imp, the one you are referring to may be better yet than this one, but it was hard enough to track this rider down, and I already had the saddle attachments on my press! I have seen the patent drawings for the Acme, it does look more complex than this one.

Not sure what brand this one is, I don’t believe it is the C&P version. It is quite easy to put in and take out, so lubrication shouldn’t be much of a problem. As is, this should help inking quite a bit.