After a frustrating ordering ordeal with our pressboard mill, we finally got pressboard back in stock. I note that in 2018 there was a discussion here on briar press about my illness and where to get pressboard which ended when someone pointed out that NA Graphics still stocked it.

We just got in a mill order of Pressboard so we are presently in fine shape, but the minimum order amount goes to 40,000 pounds and that’s like a boxcar load of the stuff. I just spent the better part of the day trying to find sources for the material on the internet, to no avail, but know too that often you have to be in a business relationship with a supplier before you can obtain good information. A few short years ago we could get the pressboard from our local paper supplier in 125 sheet cartons. Now they don’t have a salesman, the number of printing plants serviced out of the New Mexico branch office no longer supported the office being maintained, and even the Denver regional office is a skeleton of its former self. I got a call from my other paper supplier this week asking if I needed anything only to find that their best selling paper is not for printing but for weed control in agriculture. So we are competing with weeds in our quest to maintain letterpress, and printing in general.

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Yes, the supply situation in general is worrisome. It is especially so for me, because I don’t want to have to give up printing, or see others have to give up printing, because of lack of supplies. Printing goes back in my family to 1868. Even at age 77, I cannot imagine giving up my small letterpress print shop.

Fritz, what caliper (or calipers) is your stock of pressboard? Thanks.

The caliper we settled on is .020”. It seems to work for most users and has been a readily available size. Up to now, I have to add.



My order arrived yesterday - thank you for persevering!

Bill Whitley
Pandemonium Press
Fort Collins CO

I agree it can be frustrating. Turning into being more convenient than anything. I been buying pallets and cartons of stock. My chip supplier is having trouble getting raw materials and logistics issues.