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(oops! I see you already mentioned the...29 Jan
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1. Cut a piece of type high linoleum to...25 Mar
1. Turn the press over until it is...1 Sep
1.6:1 down to 5:1 appears to be the...20 Sep
2001fred- we use offset blanket mounted...11 Oct
7not8- I have a whole bunch of the #5...18 Jul
A 12x18 C&P is the wrong press for any...8 Nov
A good machinist should be able to make...17 Jan
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A good start would be to take off the...1 Feb
A great reply from Bowne. I would...23 Mar
A hand-fed platen press such as this is...28 Feb
A light duty Scotchbrite pad and some...3 May
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A new treadle for you press can be...25 Nov
A Pilot would be a good press to have...2 Sep
A press like this isn't worth much...12 Dec
A small gear puller would do the...20 Feb
A Uni III is too much weight for a...22 Jul
A very good point! But it is definitely...29 Oct
Aaron, This is a little song for...16 Mar
Aaron- That right there is a guy worth...15 Mar
Ad Lib has an excellent point here. I...19 Mar
Ad Lib, Do you have any photos of the...27 Nov
Ad Lib, The method you suggest doesn't...15 Nov
AdLib- I bet you could find a whole...27 Feb
Adrienne, You might consider...4 Feb
Agreed- very clean type from Skyline....3 Jun
Alan Waring has the 72 point solid tint...20 Jan
Alan, We have met and done business...19 Jan
Alan's a good fella. I'd like to see...18 Jun
Alan's brother Steven has posted a very...9 Mar
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All the hardware I can see here is...13 Dec