Symbol identification help please?

Hi! I hope you’re all enjoying the snowcation! I recently found the symbol in the picture hidden in the back of an otherwise empty drawer-set for antique type. I am wondering if any of you know anything about what is represents, where it is from, or where I can get another one. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m new to this great site but I’m already learning a lot!

image: letterpress.JPG


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Looks like a piece of border or decorative element - not a symbol per se.

IMO…it doesn’t represent anything specific….it’s simply a typographic ornament. It could have been with a border set. From the looks of it, the design is 19th century. Does it have a groove on the bottom? Does it have a pinmark (a round indent) on the side? That may possibly be used to identify the foundry that made it. There may be some here who would be able to identify it by comparing the design to old specimen catalogs.

I agree that you should have (want) another one. You would be able to use them on either side of a word of the same type size as brackets. Finding another one would not be impossible but as far as I know, that particular design is probably not being cast as new….though I could be mistaken. It looks like an old foundry piece and you might have to keep your eyes open for a while to come across another one.

Nice piece though. I love collecting similar ones…..and yes, pairs (or more) are always nice for designs like that.

I agree that it is an ornament.

Speaking of ornaments, the case pulls on the cases in the background of your photo are quite interesting and ornamental. Do all the cases in the cabinet have similar case pulls?

you have it upside-down it is an ancient hindu symbol for atom bomb.

“you have it upside-down it is an ancient hindu symbol for atom bomb.”

I’d like to see it blown up and well as an exploded view. heh heh.

[edit] Figuratively not literally. We don’t do that to foundry type.

Thanks everyone!!! Yes, I think having two for a border would be great! It was the only thing in the drawer-set seen behind it; the pulls all seem to be the same. The piece was located at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I felt bad about swiping it and the owner was nowhere to be seen so I left it there; this is the only pic I have and so can’t tell you anything about the marks on the sides or back. Thanks again for the insight; I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t rediscover some lost lost Masonic symbol leading to a treasure, but maybe next time:)