Hi, I am very new to this. I have an issue with a Spartan 150. When cutting, it is not cutting the bottom most page most of the time. I tried to adjust the depth of cut slightly. The cut stick then had a depression in it almost like a V shape. I have tried to raise the blade some via the depth of cut adjustment. I flipped the cut stick and it cut one page and then would not cut the bottom page again. I checked the the cut stick and it again has a depression in it. I raised the blade a bit more and tried again with the same issue. I tried a spacer sheet and it would cut the job perfectly and not the spacer for the most part.

The manual seems to indicate that the blade may be dull. However the blade seems to be very sharp. When I was wiping it down, it cut my finger. I have a spare blade and spare cut sticks. I am not sure how to proceed. Should I change the blade and have this one sharpened or is there some adjustment I have missed?



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It may well be a dull blade. The blade must be VERY sharp to do a great job of cutting. You could also put a sacrificial sheet under the stack each time you cut, so that all of your good, intended stock is cut properly. If the blade is somewhat dull, it will begin to pull the sheets as it cuts and your cut edge will not be so good.

John Henry

I kept a stack of scrap cardboard (not corrugated; shoe box cardboard works fine and the folds don’t matter as long as it’s all single-thickness) by the cutter. After I had the stack of paper lined up and the cutter adjusted, I slipped a sheet of the cardboard (it only has to be under the full width of the cut edge, not necessary for it to be the full sheet size) under the stack with about 1/4 inch beyond the cut line, and another piece on top under the clamp, lined up with the front edge of the clamp, to minimize marring the top sheets. Then clamp the stack and cut. I always got clean cuts until the blade was too dull to cut decently.


Just like Bob of AdLibPress says.
Scrap stock, shoe boxes, cereal boxes. A couple of layers both top and bottom. Adjust depth of cut so you through the sacrificial piece, but not necessarily into the cutting stick.
Sharp enough to cut you may not be sharp enough to cut paper well.

Dull blades will draw (cutting longer or shorter at the top of the stack than the bottom. You can put stuff under the stack (which is necessary for some really soft papers) but a sharp blade, properly adjusted, and a new stick will do wonders for the accuracy of just about any cutter.

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I’ll go one step further than John, your blade is dull. Human tissue is quite soft compared to paper - think about a paper cut.. The blade needs to be razor sharp. Chip board under the pile works for a while but you need to bite the bullet and get the blade sharpen.

you should havea new cutting stick you can usually flip them so you can use the same cutting stick 4 times should also have a sharp blade,sometimes its neccessary to regulate the pivot of the blade and then decrese the height little by little untill you have a clean cut all over the surface without marking the cutting stick

Thank you all for the responses. It seems like the blade is dull compared to the one in the scabbard. It is pulling a bit, I had not noticed how much until I was looking for it today after reading the post. I am going to change it and will report back.



Eight surfaces are available on a cutting stick. And, if one is more pecuniary, filling the wear with a glue/ sawdust mixture will extend the stick life indefinitely. :o)

4 surfaces are available on polar cutting sticks you should be carefull not to cut anything but paper depending on the bevel of the blade,if it gets damaged it will leave a line on all the paper you cut and will require a new sharping made by machinist

I changed the knife. The original was dull for paper, but not for skin as pointed out. I have a quote to sharpen for $40.00 from my local supplier. They will pick it up and drop it off when it has been sharpened. Is that are reasonable price for that type of thing?



Don’t know your area but to get anybody to pick up and deliver anything for $40 much less sharpen it sounds like a good price. Don’t know your cutter size but for me to drop off and pick up a 45” blade for sharpening is $35 and that is in the Denver market. There are only two companies left that sharpen blades in the metro area so not much chance to shop for a lower price.

For me to mail my blade to NJ and have it sharpened and mailed back costs about 48.00.

I’m in metro NYC too but not close enough to make it worth driving out to the sharpening company.