I order some 4” coasters stock. I liked it, cotton and heavy.

I did a test printing and loved it. I showed it to a craft market person for feed back.

She told me I was all wrong. The stock is wrong for coasters and I should put clear coating so it would hold up better over time.

And, my price was way to high she stated.

(12) 4” coasters in a box for $15, was to high.

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Clear coating always helps me love better

EDIT: Aaron David editied his original post, which said that he was advised to clear-coat his coasters so they would “love better.” However, since he edited HIS post, my post now has lost it’s humor. GGGrrrrrrr…..


Who ever listens to crafty-market folks anyway? What do they know about love? I’ve never been clear-coated, and I love just fine.

Yeah! What winking cat said!


Clear coat on a coaster?

Depending on the image/variety of images the pricing seems just fine (we are talking retail no?).

Open an Etsy account and give that a whirl. A lot of buyers actually use it as a venue to find suppliers.

Oh, and PICTURES please!

OK…. seriously speaking, I don’t think your Crafty-Market person understands the product and/or the market very well. The entire idea of using blotter paper is to allow any condensation on the outside of the glass to be absorbed, and thus not run all over the table. If you clear-coat it, then it won’t do the job it was intended to do.

Now…. about the price: only the market itself will tell you if it’s priced too high. Personally i think it might be spot-on, but I’m not in the coater business. If i had them to sell, i think I’d put them on the table at a local art show, and list them on my website, and possibly put them on etsy as Mike from the Frozen North suggested. Getting them out into the public’s eye is the only way to find out if they will sell.

I say that pricing sounds pretty good.

WCP is right regarding the clear-coating, people expect paper coasters to nicely absorb condensation and spillage so I’d avoid processes that would limit that ability.

I tested four with the clear coat, I hate it, not smooth, and looks cheap.

I knew the lady I talked to about the coasters was wrong, but, I had to tested and question.