Nice Lockup

I spotted this exquisite lock up in one of the photos on the current Boggs Machinery auction list. With 2 days to go, this press has a high bid of $610, but a close look at the photos shows a press that has been subjected to what looks like terrible handling, sloppy up keep, and based on the lock up, press people who are ignorant of their work.

Another listing has a Little Giant 6 at a spectacular bid of $11 but a look at the die jacket, and no evidence of ink rollers, shows a press that has been hammered by its most recent owner. Bogg’s list is at:

image: Heidelberg Lockup.jpg

Heidelberg Lockup.jpg

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As long as they use a low-tack ink and a kiss impression, that plate might just balance right where it is. That’s my reading of the Law of Inertia anyway.

Wonder how long that red ink has been on there?

I think that press would go great in this studio

Haha it looks like a Lou lockup

HavenPress, that reminds me of one too many university print/metal/woodshops I have seen. Students are monsters on equipment and clean surfaces.

what were they sposed to do?????? tilt the press????

It may not be that clear from the picture as Briar presented it but that die cutting block is being held on 2 opposite—diagonal—corners—nothing else. There is no supporting blocking or furniture around the die block to secure it in place. The other pictures in the series that Boggs presented show red ink creeping off the ink drum and that indicates the press hasn’t been washed up for a long time, maybe years as they just added fresh ink on top of the old dried up stuff. Hack work, or as we sometimes say, the guy responsible is a blacksmith.