Non drying Black ink for proof press

We are looking for a non drying Black ink to use on our Vandercook proof presses. We proof galleys from our Linos and are running low on Black ink that won’t dry on the rollers overnight. We were using Angel Ink from American Printing Equipment but it is discontinued. Any ideas?
Thanks, Pete

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Are you the fellow that Dave Seat told me about? I’ve got some coming to me and will share a pound with you.

i assume that colors like black and red dry relatively quickly once on paper? I am interested, long numbering jobs.

Have you tried adding a few drops of boiled linseed oil to a black letterpress ink?

in days gone by comps used to put a few drops of machine oil in black ink to stop it drying so they could proof the galleys

If just for proofs and never to dry try clove oil

We used Van Son 40904 rubber based ink and sprayed up at night with ink-readi overnight spray. You don’t need much. Sometimes we would add a drop or two of 3-1 oil in the morning to liven up the ink. We got clean repros.

Perhaps look up, *Anti Skin Spray* from Your own >Boxcar Press< etc., etc.,
Generally,! used here U.K. on proof press,s that have to be available around the clock, and on Production press,s that have to be on stand-by overnight. for continued run next day.??

Couple of drops of clove oil into a small pile of ink will retard drying. A lot of monotype printmakers add it to the ink so they can work on rubbing and smearing a flat reductively for long periods of time.

So effectively any ink can be slowed if you know what to add, and do some testing. good luck!