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dup post, ignore15 Sep 22
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$300 for the cutter is reasonable if in...16 May
240v motor? if it lost one leg could do...18 Feb
6 amps at 100v, or 3 amps at 220v...28 Nov
Adanas are popular presses in England...16 May
Alan, do you mean the inking rollers...23 Dec
An 8x12 is only about a thousand...7 Sep
An unusual depth of knowledge. RIP SOS4 May
Blue rubber, use water miscible roller...6 Oct
Both mine are larger versions I guess...10 Jul
bump4 Dec
Byrne, It was the Whiskey, of course19 Sep
Could be custom. I have half a cabinet...6 Mar
could be your base + plate isnt type...8 Nov
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doesnt look big enough for a 12x18...3 Mar
Don't have a source myself, but there...10 Aug
First thought was difference in...2 Feb
Fritz is a good dude, we all wish him...26 Jul
Gerald, relax man. Illegal aliens arent...9 Feb
Good luck with that, I don't know of...28 May
Good Point John! Now that you mention...28 Apr
have a similar platemaker, i'd look at...15 Jan
Have had rollers from Todd, they were...30 Jan
Have had similar problem with a bad...3 Aug
her's a link...23 Aug
HI Bruce, TY- Very interesting info. I...10 Aug
Hi George, Had a similar problem with...4 Jun
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Hi Todd, I mean the little spring...9 Aug
I agree with that- BP has become the go...4 Mar
I bet I'm going to be wildly under for...7 Jun
I can confirm that setting firefox to...29 Feb
I don't have a manual, but these kind...8 Jun
I don't think rails are adjustable or...2 Oct
I got some from NA, but it was like 15...23 Jun
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I have a couple of Todd's rollers, they...23 Jan
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i have power washed really cruddy old...15 Nov