Fritz Klinke

I am sorry to report that Fritz suffered a stroke yesterday. At latest report in ICU St. Mary’s Grand Junction where he was airlifted to from Mercy in Durango (he had been airlifted to Mercy from Silverton).
I will attempt to post more information as available.

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This is dreadful news - please keep us informed. I think it’s safe to say we’re all concerned about his health.

is there anything we can do to help him / anything we can do to help his family? such awful news.

I’m sorry to hear that about Fritz. He has always been a terrific part of our community.

We all will be praying for him and his family.

aka Winking Cat Press

Praying for Fritz, truly an important and knowledgeable part of our letterpress community
Whistle Pig Press

Fritz has been an irreplaceable asset for the letterpress community; we’re hoping for the best outcome.

The Kenspeckle Letterpress

I haven’t worked with him very often, but whenever I have, he has been the definition of kindness, patience, and knowledge. The world needs more people like him.

Old Town Press

George, do you have an update on Fritz?
best james

Being 1000 miles away and relying on third parties, here is what I can tell you: as of late yesterday, Fritz was out of ICU and in his own room. His speech was described as “garbled” and I have no information on physical limitations.

Wishing him well from afar…. Hoping for a smooth transition back to health and a full recovery.

Wishing Fritz well from Canada. All the best to you!

Wishing and praying for Fritz’ full recovery.

I am so concerned to hear this news about Fritz. Please keep us posted if anyone has any more news about him.

My prays go out to him.

Here is the latest information I have on Fritz’s condition. I hope I have not overlooked anyone with whom I have been in contact.

Loren informed me last night that Fritz has had several up and down situations. He was called to Grand Junction on Friday because of the seriousness of his condition but when he got there Fritz had rallied to some extent. So basically it is day to day.

Unfortunately the broader assessment of his condition does not present an encouraging picture. At such time as he might be able to leave the hospital, Fritz will require attention that can only be given by an extended care facility. Loren is currently investigating the availability of them, probably in Durango. Any ability to return to Silverton is highly unlikely.

For the immediate future, NA Graphics remains open and doing business. While you may not be able to get the expert advice that you might have received from Fritz in the past, Rick is on the job and ready to fill orders. Loren is starting to think about the long-term disposal of the business and Fritz’s not small collection of equipment and other printing material. Please do not attempt to contact him directly at this time since he has just about all he can handle right now.

Sorry to hear this. Fritz has always been very helpful when I needed advise or looking for parts. Praying for his full recovery.

Prayers going up for Fritz and the family. Hoping for a full recovery.

Wishing nothing short of the best for Fritz and his family.

Tom & Terri

T and T Press Restoration

This afternoon I found a box from NA Grahics leaning against the house. The order was placed, as near as I can tell, about the time Fritz had his stroke, so I can attest that somebody is indeed taking care of the business end of things.

If any here are not aware of the scope of Fritz’ work and passion for preservation, I encourage you to explore his Flickr page.


Thoughts go out to Fritz and his family.

There is little doubt that the letterpress world would not be anywhere near its current state without NA Graphics and its library of resources. It was my first stop on the letterpress journey, and I just the other day found the last two sheets of tympan purchased alongside my first fresh rollers nearly a decade ago.

I hope the next stewards of the collection have half the passion and work ethic.

Feel better and get some rest, Fritz, you’ve earned it.

Although I have no specific medical information, Fritz has been moved to a care facility in Durango. He is undergoing evaluation for long-term care and a treatment plan.

Best Wishes for a full recovery from The Happy Dragons Press here in the UK. God Bless NA Graphics and all they

Good day to all of you.

I will be sending Fritz get-well-soon card and thought I would include a print-out of this discussion.

For those who have not commented, but would like to, please do so by the end of the day this Friday. I will print the entire thread and send along with the card on Saturday.



I will be sending Fritz a get-well-soon card …

Fritz has been a pleasure to deal with and most helpful over the years. We wish him all the best and hope for a full and speedy recovery.

Fritz is a good dude, we all wish him well!

Eternally grateful to Fritz for his help with my Vandercook’s restoration process. He is an excellent person and top guru all things print related.

Any news on Fritz’ current status?

Just for fun I am posting a photo of Fritz in his shop taken about 2 years ago.
regards to all,

image: P1110408.JPG


Fritz is in an extended care facility in Durango. I talked with him yesterday and although he is not really happy to be there, he is happy he is still alive.
I would say it will be some time before he can be active in NA Graphics. He has significant mobility problems on his right side. I was able to understand most of what he said and he recognized me by my voice so all is not lost.

Just chiming in to send our very best wishes for Fritz. I don’t know if we could’ve gotten our shop up and running, if not for his help. Such a wonderful man.

Carrie (& Wally)

Anemone Letterpress

Kinda looks like my office area… though I bet he could find stuff!

I just want to send my best wishes to Fritz - would anyone who reads this and will be talking to him please give him my regards and hopes for a good recovery.

Hey Mr. Saxe. I will print this out and send to Fritz. He will be glad to read your good wishes.


I don’t often comment on BP, but for Fritz, I will “poke my head out” and add my best wishes for his recovery.

Like so many of us, I have turned to Fritz for parts and information many times over the years, and he was always there with both parts and information - and a pleasant chat.

He was, indeed, the first and best source for many of the items I have needed over the years - including a truly obscure little spring needed to repair an SP-15 not long ago. “Who in the world would have such a thing? Well, Fritz, of course…”

Fortunately for all of the letterpress community, he did not work alone, but brought in some talented assistance that has made N.A. Graphics a reliable resource for all things letterpress - and will likely continue to, whether Fritz is in the office answering our calls in person, or simply monitoring operations from a more comfortable - and hopefully restful - location.

So, Fritz “here’s to ya” with best wishes for a speedy recovery and many more years of advice and support and historical anecdotes from a very important man in the world-wide letterpress community.

From a group of old printers in the UK, all our very best wishes to lovely Fritz, one of the best sort of Americans,
he was so helpful to us.

Nothing posted here for a while. I talked with Fritz earlier this week and was able to understand 99 or even 100 percent of what he said, a vast improvement from my first conversation with him a week after the stroke.
He is undergoing extensive therapy but his long term mobility will be a problem for sure.
I have no information about long-term plans for NA Graphics or his personal extensive collection of material.
I will be going to Durango on the 17th and plan on being there about a week so will update this on my return although probably not before early October since I will be coming back just as an antique car event that I am very involved in will be starting.

Fritz posted a nice letter on NA Graphics if any of you want to read it.

Thank you gachap & foothillpress for the recent posts about Fritz, I appreciate the updates.

I am sorry to hear about Fritz. Although I have not spoken to him for a number of years, he was tops in his field. A prayer goes out for his recovery.

Between September 18 and 25 we spent a good deal of time with Fritz. We found him much better than I expected and we had some lengthy discussion of what the future might bring. He appreciates cards. emails (to which he can’t respond too well) and even phone calls (although catching him between therapy sessions is not easy).

image: IMG_3791.JPG


Do not see and editing option, that should be found not fund.

gachap, could you post the address of the facility where Fritz is undergoing treatment, I’d like to send him a card.

thank you.