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The serial number is usually on the...13 Jun
I just finished with a large area...14 Jun
Thanks for your input. The latest is, I...15 Jun
Hey thanks all. The press is on hold...15 Jun
This has not been as easy as I was...17 Jun
YES! Great idea. There is a lip in the...17 Jun
This thing is really jammed in there. I...18 Jun
I thought about using a gear puller,but...19 Jun
Thanks, I was thinking about turning...20 Jun
I can relate to this poster!22 Jun
Thanks for the info. I'll be changing...24 Jun
That's a new one for the oxymoron list.25 Jun
Yoplait, Cottage Cheese & Philadelphia...30 Jun
I've been using Mobile Vactra Oil No.2....26 Jul
Excellent23 Aug
Try turning off a couple suckers or use...11 Sep
I bought a shearing collar a couple...18 Sep
When I order wood mounts from Owosso, I...21 Sep
Do you have a Heidelberg parts book?...22 Sep
Don't forget the die cutting of the CD...27 Sep
Without a channel matrix it helps to...1 Oct
http://www.briarpress.org/145901 Oct
I was thinking of starting a new FAD....8 Oct
scum bucket19 Oct
I remember seeing this years ago but...22 Oct
Thanks, I'll have to give it a try next...22 Oct
It might be a good idea to lower the...27 Oct
There is also pragotherm. It works well...29 Oct
Another possibility would be to die cut...5 Nov
Years ago, I took a tour of the...14 Nov
Bill, Thanks for the insight. I don't...16 Nov
Try turning the press off after the...23 Nov
When the stock is not cut at right...24 Nov
Have you tried putting a sheet through...24 Nov
You can also cheat on a cheater by...1 Dec
that's with no guides.1 Dec
Not sure if this is what you had in...7 Dec
Hey Bern, You circled the guide bar...10 Dec
I got the trusty ol manual out , blew...11 Dec