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Also if that motor has a variable speed...18 Feb
Another thing to think about and ask...28 Jun
Awesome, good luck! let us know. 29 Jun
Being a restorer of equipment, my...21 Feb
Best to hard wire it to a junction box...3 Aug
Binderytools.com is nice for small...9 Aug
Cool I will check that Peter Luckhurst...3 Jun
Dan, How did you like that...1 Feb
Dave Thank you, that's where I was...4 Jun
dickg, I am my own electrician!...1 Feb
Do you have any photos intan888?11 Jun
Dodge's new commercials have a table...22 Mar
enriquevw Like every has already...18 Feb
Hmm even though I travel to Southern...5 Jun
I also need one original for a 10x15....9 Aug
I am in Dayton, Ohio and would...20 Mar
I am pretty sure deckle edge only comes...1 Feb
I don't have a good photo from the guy...1 Apr
I have also been very interested in...1 Aug
I know the old style C&P takes a 3/8 x...11 Feb
I will pull some dimensions with the...9 Aug
Im pretty sure it locks up the same....1 Feb
Its like the Horton pulley. The only...31 Jul
Ive seen those, how was his kit?31 May
John I also use these pins with great...8 Aug
Make a bigger door! makes it easy to...10 Sep
Man David that does suck, good ole...28 Mar
Mike Most presses have a key way...3 Aug
Mine is an old style, I will take some...27 Aug
My shop name came from other aspects...13 Jun
Oh wow Stanislaus Pekala and jhenry I...9 Aug
Rachel the best thing to do is to call...8 Aug
Thank you mboyer and jdh. It took us a...14 Jun
Thanks Ill give him a call31 May
Thanks, that is good to know! 1 Feb
That thing needs a good home, only if I...30 Aug
This is awesome and cant wait to see...9 Aug
Tom T&T Press, where are you located at?19 Jun
Yeah for sure Dan! Ive missed out on a...9 Aug
Yeah have a helper do that part with...22 Feb