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Where are you located? After the type...15 Jul
I found this press in what I believe to...16 Aug
Buy the Book "Personal Impressions" The...26 Aug
This was made by Curtis & Mitchell...2 Nov
What press is this from? I may have a...14 Dec
Hi Jim, What size C&P? Paul22 Jan
I have an 8 1/4 x 12 1/2 Golding Map...12 Nov
On my Kelsey Star the chase clamp moves...9 Dec
Morgan Expansion trucks are metal...1 Jan
Can you post a photo? Is the press...3 Jan
If it is an Adana, from the chase size...9 Jan
The little press is an Adana....11 Jan
Craftsmen made two different knock-offs...3 Feb
I don't know how it was manufactured...5 Feb
Hi Jennifer, Where are you located?...13 Feb
Hi Jennifer, Contact me at...13 Feb
Where are you located? How big of a...21 Feb
Chandler & Price made a heavy duty new...24 Feb
Here is an idea. If all 30,000 members...24 Feb
Sixty inches from the floor to the top...20 Mar
Sterling Round Cornerer. There are...25 Mar
Where are you located?25 Mar
Is is what is known as a rail press....4 Apr
Raise your prices4 Apr
According to Elizabeth Harris, it is...4 Apr
I have some for sale. Please contact...13 Apr
Use a spring compressor from your local...1 May
It is a Poco proof press. Depending on...5 May
Can you post more photos? The press...17 May
I am sure it is a Golding Official Map...17 May
John, You have an Golding Official...17 May
Hi Staza, I have a letterpress...2 Jun
Where are you located?15 Jun
Looks more like a 7x11 Gordon. Would...7 Jul
This is a press named the "Master"....8 Jul
Where are you Located?14 Jul
I have one for sale in Zion, IL. One...28 Aug
Where are you located. What equipment...28 Aug
What is the size of the chase (inside)?...12 Sep
Thanks for the additional photos. It...14 Sep