Whole C&P is locked up in impression mode

Throw off lever frozen.
Wheel frozen.

Rollers are on the inking plate, so I’d like to get them off and clean it all until I can figure out how to get it moving again!

Any way to get the rollers off to clean when they are in this position?

image: IMG3584.JPG


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and any suggestions on getting it “unlocked” would be appreciated.

You have way too much packing in the press and the form is locked against the bed.
Either you or strong man squat down in front of flywheel with shoulder to the wheel. Grasp spoke and with legs only lift.
Either it opens or something breaks. Not likely to break with one manpower.

It might be possible to get the rollers off in that position, but I’m not sure I’d like to try it. The roller is likely to go flying when one side is loosened…by the tension on the other side. Not a safe situation.

I think your best bet is to figure out why it is locked up and cure that. The rollers will follow.

Were you trying for deep impression with a lot of packing? Then maybe loosening up the impression bolts (all 4) would help.

I didn’t say it right above.

Form is locked up against platen.

Also when pulling up on spoke, make large grunting sound.

Can you take it off impression? I would also try turning the flywheel backwards.

thanks everyone.
will try some of these things tomorrow!
just gonna leave ink on the rollers for now!

i do believe there is too much packing.
here’s hoping i can get it to open up somehow?
gonna try loosening the bolts.

If you loosen the platen screws, count the number of faces on the nut. Three should be enough. Re-tighten them three faces after you get it open and the extra packing cleaned out.

Yes, loosen the platen screws; that’ll let you open the press.

How much packing is in there? It could be that the platen isn’t adjusted to the right place in the start. If you’re printing something really thick, you might need to back off the platen and re-level it anyway.

(The common “lollipop” gauge set puts the platen at 0.958”, so for 40 mils of packing and stock. I’ve found that even the slightest turn of the leveling screw makes a difference- on the Challenge I was just working on, the platen bolts are 10TPI, so each face is 16.6 mils.)

can’t get the platen “screws” loose. they are really bolts, right? or am I trying to loosen the wrong things?

as you can tell, i’m a novice at this.

Screws, bolts, threaded things :)

From your picture, two of the four platen bolts are directly in front of the out-feed board (sticking into the platen). Loosen the lock nuts (closer to the operator) , then -tighten- the hex part to draw the bolt into the platen. Spin down but don’t really tighten the lock nuts.

Duck under the press and do the same for the lower two. You should now be able to open the press.

Do not move the press when the lock nuts more than a little bit loose; the upper ones can hit the side-to-side shaft that goes into the right side gear, that’s partly why the nuts are chamfered.

Once you have the press open, clean everything, remove the packing, and reset the platen (which is another topic), see-

I will try it! thank you.

If you can’t open the press with the wheel, i doubt you will be able to turn the platen bolts. Too much pressure. The flywheel is your best bet. Look at the end of the side arm right by the handle. If you can see more of the main shaft below it, turn the flywheel backwards. If there is an even amount of the end of the shaft hidden, or a bit more above the end of the arm, turn the flywheel forward direction.
You may have to get a couple of real big guys for this part, but turning the wheel is your best mechanical advantage to ope the press. I have used a forklift to lift the spokes to open machines. Lift the side of the press right off the ground.

Rollers are probably stuck to the ink disc by now; I’d use some penetrating oil where the rollers make contact to loosen those up.

PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! I was assisted by a phone call and the advice to just jiggle the flywheel if possible. A friend came over and while I was in the house getting some tools to try disconnecting the arm, he was able to jiggle the wheel and it released! Thanks for all the suggestions and help.