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if this had been 2 months earlier I...12 Sep
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it takes a little practice to know how...10 Oct
lets just say a standard 3.5x2 card...29 Aug
nobody has one?27 Oct
second that for Frank! 14 Nov
should be around 1000 lbs... what did...8 Jul
so from various freight quotes it looks...2 Jul
Thank you for the replies! They have...16 Sep
thanks for taking the time to take...29 Aug
Thanks for the information! I was...9 Oct
Thanks, I actually have looked at...24 May
That is all that is needed? That is...30 Sep
the good thing is that it is going in...15 Jul
very carefully... seriously, i think...28 Oct
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well good thing the feed and delivery...15 Jul
well I am a big fan of will smith so I...19 Nov
well it is for some business cards, and...24 May
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where is a good place to get dies made?1 Oct
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