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Mike - wow that is a big Showcard! I...17 Jul
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I have a book about press...30 Jul
I started out on a 10 x 15 and it was...9 Aug
Great find! Good luck! Everyone else...13 Aug
others have posted good advice to your...28 Aug
If you have oiled the connection where...9 Oct
what do you use to clean your...9 Oct
I have never had an issue with a Boxcar...9 Oct
Illustrator works the best for me...24 Oct
Looking forward to reading it...1 Nov
Underprint it with a gloss varnish. It...1 Nov
You can get it welded up. You will ha...14 Dec
I use the white boxed rags from Home...14 Dec
I found that a green scotch brite pad...14 Dec
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A place called BarPlate sells scoring...14 Dec
All my lead and iron is in my...6 Feb
I took a few snapshots of my copy of...6 Feb
The above responders gave good advice....6 Feb
Boxcar sells adhesive to reback you...6 Feb
Try French paper MRFRENCH.com I have...13 Feb
Thanks! - good to know.4 Mar