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I'll measure mine tomorrow, but I think...31 May
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Thanks, Brad. Yes, unfortunately the...18 Jan
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thanks, natron and racerx1. once i find...28 Feb
Thanks, Paul! If you do find the...28 Oct
Thanks, Peter!12 Jan
the phone number listed here is no...28 Oct
there are a few things you can...4 Feb
we usually just wipe the ink away with...21 Jul
we've been using this for a couple of...27 Oct
While an interesting concept, it seems...11 Nov
yep, it's the 12 x 18!1 Jun
yep, you definitely want to leave space...27 Oct
you can get a magnesiumn die made of...17 Jul
you can purchase kromekote...2 Jul
"The pressman told me Kluge at one time...27 Oct