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22 is the max on impression. I rarely...14 Feb
:)9 Oct
A few years back, I used to mail 70 lbs...2 Aug
A red ball has a neat feature on it...24 May
Aaron!! It seems like you are spinning...12 Sep
After cleaning the filter, did you try...5 Dec
After soaking in hot water for 2-3...26 Nov
After Ultimate Numbering service...19 Apr
After using mag dies, I put a piece of...18 Dec
And don't forget to ......19 Feb
Another possibility is Pragotherm. API...27 May
Another possibility would be to die cut...5 Nov
Another thought is to flip the roller...1 May
Are you saying your granny is still...8 Oct
Are you using a rider roller?20 Jul
As dickg mentioned, how many more...20 Aug
As Eric was saying, it all depends on...29 Oct
Assuming you have a windmill. Hope...29 Dec
Besides turning the impression lever...22 Jan
Bill, Thanks for the insight. I don't...16 Nov
Blood (occasionally), Sweat (just don't...20 Feb
Bob- It doesn't matter on the bevel....27 May
Carefully flip the rails up out of the...7 May
Check out the auto part stores for oil...18 Jan
Colophon Press - That's a great idea...22 Jan
Couldn't find any markings, but here is...14 Nov
Dick, I dug this up from a 1989 instant...4 Jun
Dick, your right about hot lead and...28 Nov
Did you open the ink keys as Stuart...1 Mar
Didn't mean to hijack this thread. I...14 Dec
Do you have a Heidelberg parts book?...22 Sep
Doesn't appear to be picas, inches...6 Dec
Don't forget the die cutting of the CD...27 Sep
embossing and debossing dies with...10 Jul
Every year for the past 20, I have...28 Mar
Excellent23 Aug
For 25 years I heated my little garage...17 Mar
For small areas of die cutting, you can...14 Nov
FYI - Crown Roll Leaf has a 300 dollar...30 Sep
Girl w/a Kluge- If that happened to me...2 Jul