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1) Are you certain you're running with...17 Oct
405 is a dark gray, not brown.1 Apr
@devils tail press As I’ve said...13 Jul
@juratovic, do you do test cuts before...4 Feb
@steve varvaro As a concession, maybe a...7 Jul
A character definitely needs to be...6 Jul
A Windmill is an automated production...31 Jul
Absolutely go see one running in...8 Jul
Absolutely. 12 Jul
According to the manual, that lay bar...12 Aug
Acetone should do the trick. Ventilate...19 Jan
Actually, the idea of an open flame...20 Jan
After looking more closely (and...25 May
After some helpful emails and tinkering...15 Aug
After some long hours, the job is done....18 Mar
Agreed with Paul/Devil's Tail. If...16 Oct
Agreed, Aaron. I did one sequence very...31 May
Alan Runfeldt, who is on the site here...6 Apr
All the sheets are drying on a rack, as...10 Oct
And after a little acetone and...22 Oct
and even an umlaut to the...1 Mar
And here's the cover.29 Apr
Another vote for the museum and Greg...31 Jul
Any chance you're overprinting...12 Oct
Any label stock will take a deep...11 Jan
Any platen press could print on blotter...6 Mar
Any uncoated paper will take most of...25 Oct
Anyone know if the Kelly Collection at...27 Apr
Anyone?23 Feb
Apologies for the poor quality of the...29 Apr
Are you oiling the press every time you...19 Jun
Are you sure you have the lay bar...6 Sep
Are you sure you're looking at videos...11 Aug
Arie, The press is an SP-15. Not...8 Mar
As heating the shop has become a point...20 Jan
As long as the oyster drawing is...10 May
As long as the star and the swashes are...14 Nov