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Have you tried moving the plate in a...5 Sep
I am in Houston TX and have been...22 Oct
I am not as worried about the script...5 Jan
I do that a little sometimes. I have a...7 Mar
I have had this issue as well. I do...13 Jul
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I might not have to worry about letting...5 Jan
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I think that is the key Widmark. I...22 Oct
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I use veggie oil and simple green after...2 Nov
I use veggie oil for clean up and then...15 Mar
I will check out the mag dies, thanks!20 Oct
I would go with the bigger OS too. I...22 Oct
I would, but I am working on a 8x12 and...5 Jan
Is Naptha something you find at home...9 Nov
lol.... :) You all make me laugh....6 Jan
Once I had layers upon layers of dried...20 Jan
So jealous.... :) 22 Oct
So, you are doing it manually then in...21 Oct
Sorry about that, it must just work on...5 Jan
Stanislaus, is it the smaller lines in...5 Jan
Thank you all SO much. That is what I...30 Jun
Thank you both so much. Running out to...9 Nov
Thank you Dennis, I had done that...20 Oct
Thank you much everybody. I had looked...28 Oct
Thank you so much for posting photos!...18 Oct
Thank you thank you for the reference...26 Oct
Thank you very much Dave. It is opaque...10 Sep
Thank you very much! 18 Oct
Thank you, that is what I was thinking....24 Oct
Thanks all for all of your help :)...5 Jan
Thanks all!!9 Nov
Thanks everybody. Good tip on the...9 Oct
Thanks so much - I will check out those...24 Oct
The client ended up going with...6 Mar
Welcome to Houston! I live in Houston...15 Nov