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some part must be wedged but if you...11 Jun
some part must be wedged but if you...11 Jun
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I am a former ITU member still at the...2 Jul
If no one makes plates in Miami let me...3 Jul
I make my own base and could make one...30 Aug
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Hi Jessica, I have had a look at the...27 Sep
What size base do you need? I make...6 Oct
where are you and how many pounds do...25 Oct
I have a similar type high gauge and...20 Nov
Need linotype for letterpress? Have...25 Apr
Hello Wade, I am a letterpress printer...10 May
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Need type or polymer? Bob10 May
Need type or polymer? Bob10 May
Yes have the top ground off the new...17 Sep
What is the maximum sheet size you...23 Sep
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Do you have a ink roller gauge? The...30 Sep
I too can help you with Linotype any...20 Oct
I have Metro mats of illustrations...24 Oct
I had one years ago and let it go....13 Nov
Is press on impression? Can you release...15 Dec
How many do you want? Where are you? 15 Dec
Hi, do you have mats for: 8pt./410;...23 Feb
Do you have fonts: 8pt/410; 10pt/428;...23 Feb
Hello, am always eager to buy linotype...29 Mar
How big is the stock? If possible add...25 May