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Metal die tape 831 Mar  western411
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Star Tool Mfg. Co. Job Stick 524 Mar  thomas gravemaker
making vintage Stamps / paper /... 1321 Mar  Tom Colson
Shear Collar 721 Mar  western411
Adana 8x5 on stage in a play in... 120 Mar  stuartlaur
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Foil cutter 1019 Mar  western411
Windmill Flywheel 318 Mar  Dennis Brian
H.B. Rouse Cutter 513 Mar  Port City Lette...
What are these in leather case? 1712 Mar  Dsel74
Plastic Type Cases 1312 Mar  thomas gravemaker
What type of wood are cabinets made... 611 Mar  Dsel74
Salt and Type?? 610 Mar  Rippeon
Possible Decomposing Roller Gunk? 179 Mar  rmiller021
Another whasit? 77 Mar  thomas gravemaker
San Antonio TX printers & book... 45 Mar  frameteam2003
Looking for a letterpress studio in... 54 Mar  HavenPress
Boxcar Base for 10x15 C&P 64 Mar  Moana Press
The New Custodian  54 Mar  Nick Howard
Ruling Machine Adventures 104 Mar  parallel_imp
What was the long bar used for? 154 Mar  ericlee1971
New base and packing 74 Mar  frank hemmings
Brain freeze! 43 Mar  harrildplaten
1907 Typographical Union Convention... 32 Mar  THGroves
Foil and letterpress image 32 Mar  western411
Desktop Hot Foil Machine 627 Feb  thisdesignedthat
Tomorrow's printers 226 Feb  Bruce cpd
Polar mohr 72 manual 325 Feb  harrildplaten
blades for pescha corner rounder... 224 Feb  Dennis Brian
blades for pescha corner rounder... 124 Feb  Timothy Minos
Base for photopolymer 1222 Feb  typenut
Printers don't exist anymore 1522 Feb  HavenPress
Monotype Diecase 420 Feb  mick Hopper
Where can I send you a personal... 118 Feb  Malaszka
10 x 15 C&P 415 Feb  LibertyPress
Filling holes in wood type? 614 Feb  Audax
preparing artwork for photopolymer 3112 Feb  western411
Windmill Embossing Counter Clearance 711 Feb  western411
Mercedes Glöckner press from 1954 910 Feb  Nick Howard
Chandler and Price Craftsman Roller... 178 Feb  Nick Howard
Impression Screw Crack on C&P... 96 Feb  Ink Spot
Re-Paint a Kelsey 34 Feb  Old Kelsey Builder
A. Hogenforst letterpress machine -... 104 Feb  thomas gravemaker
Summer letterpress workshop at... 14 Feb  thomas gravemaker
Columbian Iron Eagle  93 Feb  mick Hopper