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$25-$30 I'll pay $35, Cool?15 Nov
3-in-1 is the best way to go?31 Aug
@Foolproof546, they just came out with...27 Jul
Ahh! I'm pretty sure those are the ones...28 Sep
Alan from Excelsior Press makes a...15 Jul
All I'm saying is, Alan isn't making or...2 Aug
All they could tell me is that it's...26 Jul
Also, preferred method for getting the...2 Aug
Also, some complete fonts as well.8 Jun
And what exactly is that, thing, inside...29 Jul
And what happens in 6 days if the...6 Jan
Anodize?23 Sep
Any clue why this would just start...12 Apr
Any good links to more details about...1 May
Any major downside to using two regular...2 Aug
Any suggestions?22 Feb
Any type of paywall will severely hurt...4 Sep
Any update on this? Did restoration...22 Nov
Any updates on the scans?8 Mar
Anyone else?28 Sep
Anyone have any experience with these...5 Aug
Anyone? For whatever reason I'm...29 Jul
As a letterpress printer, and a pretty...5 Aug
As for looking for presses, I know of...2 Jun
As someone with a degree in multimedia...27 May
At this stage, my biggest concern is...28 Jul
Awesome diagram, but still different...16 May
Bueller?23 Nov
Chase Base + Flexible gauge pins.3 Jan
Check behind the ink disk, where the...23 Nov
Classy. I dig it.15 Sep
Colophon, I apologize if I'm mistaken...5 Aug
Count me in!9 Jun
Do these work with Boxcar plates (deep...6 Jul
Don't get me wrong, I hope you succeed....18 Jan
Dude, I'm dealing with being a...13 Jun
Ehh, I don't think so. That seems even...25 Jun
Even if his is $125 and mine is $150...28 Jul
Exactly what presses are available?8 Jun
Excelsior Press in New Jersey has lots...19 Aug