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14x22 or 13x19 or 12x18 or kluge made...1 Jan
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Any other variables such as...14 Sep
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As a Girl with a kluge I'd have to say...3 Apr
As a Girl with a kluge, I seriously...1 Dec
Back in the day, the foreman used to...1 Jul
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Bill nice press! How many kicks per...15 Jul
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bling is good, why not add some...18 Oct
Buy some Dr. Scholls mole skin and cut...4 Sep
Buy the windmill. 29 Apr
Bye the way what IS the colour when...22 May
C&P made a few different models. Which...20 Apr
Call Kluge and ask for Mutt or...2 Dec
Can you lock it up like regular cut...1 Feb
Can you post a picture of how you use...7 Apr
Can you turn it using the hand wheel?4 Mar
casmit, give me your email address and...3 Aug