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Ahh I was half way there :) #novice...8 Oct
Also just noticed my composing stick is...19 Aug
Also Peter, your "heap" sounds like a...11 Aug
Also, many thanks parallel_imp for your...28 Jul
An Arab and then I'm done... Maybe :)...15 Jul
Another photo. After the first round of...12 Aug
Another photo:3 Feb
Bit of an update - Boyfriend's boss is...6 Aug
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Collected this tonight. So far the...12 Aug
Dear John, Yes - that's the one!...24 Aug
deleted12 Jul
Hi all, if it helps, one of my hs1 has...2 Mar
Hi LindseyC, I just wanted to back up...11 Oct
Hi Mick, I honestly didn't post this...27 Aug
Hi there, thanks for this. I do know...14 Aug
Hi there, thanks for this. I do know...14 Aug
I was a little surprised by the silence...27 Sep
I won this for £11.25. Hurrah....11 Aug
Images 15 Jul
Is that a laser printer on top of it? ;)7 Aug
It was totally worth it just for the...28 Aug
Its pretty cool, whatever it is :)...5 Oct
I'd love to meet the seller though, he...11 Aug
I'd really like to see a picture of...29 Jun
I'm going to go for it. Its all good...7 Aug
I'm really sad to have heard this news....2 Jun
Mephits thankyou, a good idea that one! 15 Aug
Mick - sounds an elusive mix of...15 Aug
Mick - Utterly disappointed in you and...30 Oct
Mick es un genio: D A él le...11 Mar
Mine is also missing this lever:28 Jul
Model C, even. 12 Jul
No, it was just listed badly - no...12 Jul
Other images from the listing: 12 Jul
Peter - I'd be sad about anything...31 Aug
Please also feel free to share this...26 Sep
Put all the pieces together today and...5 Oct
Side view:3 Feb