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Printer's Fair in Amersfoort, the Netherlands15 Aug 22
Korrex manual17 Oct 21
Korrex manual17 Oct 21
Korrex manual17 Oct 21
Korrex manual17 Oct 21
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Optima17 Jun 19
Optima17 Jun 19
Summer letterpress workshop at Project...4 Feb 19
Questa Grande Wood Type14 Oct 18
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a photo maybe?7 Jan
A picture that I took at Rainer...13 Aug
A printed sample would be helpful…7 Aug
A very common press, search a bit...8 Jan
Aber Kolommenschnur ist besser!7 Mar
About half a year ago, a discussion was...3 Aug
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Adana type is simply Monotype and has...26 Nov
Additional pictures here, Interrobang...3 Mar
Adobe sold (twenty years ago already!)...1 Mar
Alan May in the UK built the press for...28 Nov
Albion_Press, that's right Cecil Court...29 Apr
Ale, it is a Schelte und Giesecke...22 Jan
All this complaining! Be glad that at...18 May
Although this is a very old discussion...19 Oct
Alvin, part of the learning process is...30 Sep
Am I glad to hear that you don't...17 Feb
Am i right in thinking that Mazak types...30 Mar
An Adana 8 x 5 would be a good press to...27 Jan
An Albion (in Ireland) was for sale on...28 Aug
An excellent company to work with:...15 May
An image of the duplicator with bicycle...17 Feb
And a film from the BBC: ...21 Feb
And a page from a 1960s Monotype...17 Nov
and a photo of the thing on the floor...11 May