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Ah - the sample I posted is 18pt.28 Dec
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ANd here is the image - sorry.6 Nov
And the end of the story is that I sent...8 Feb
And, also trying black mixed with...30 Mar
And, of course here is the photo I...9 Nov
And, of course here is the photo I...9 Nov
And, of course here is the photo I...9 Nov
And, please excuse the typos... 12 Aug
And, thank you Gerald. Neil3 Nov
And, what is it about #10 (Casalon 471)...6 Nov
And, what is it about #10 (Casalon 471)...6 Nov
And, while we're on this topic, I have...9 Feb
Anyone know of the same type of...5 Oct
As a...13 Oct
Barbara - I get it. Today I set a...12 Apr
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Cans someone who uses the Michaels'...11 Oct
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Cool and thank you. Neil9 Mar
Dick - I have 6, 8, 10 and 12 you can...11 Mar
Ditto!16 Jan
Ditto!!22 Oct
Does anyone know where to get galleys...5 Aug
Envelopes.com has very nice A2 cards...16 Apr
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