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Iowa's Chuck Dunham R.I.P. 619 Apr  gachap
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ISO: 14-1’s, 13-2’s in 24/36... 816 Apr  Geoffrey
Deckle Edge 815 Apr  western411
ink in tubes 713 Apr  Dennis Peterson
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The first century of printing in... 310 Apr  harrildplaten
Heidelberg: feed table not rising 87 Apr  dwallen
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Engraved Stationery Handbook 26 Apr  diestamperpnw
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ATF Type Specimen Book and Catalog... 75 Apr  Finger_Print
Affordable presses 34 Apr  nagraph
Free Kluge - Western Massachusetts  53 Apr  whistlepigpress
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UK rollers 52 Apr  harrildplaten
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Help ID a Tabletop? & Rollers... 331 Mar  MelindaClaire
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Pot devin issue 1029 Mar  MollyBearshield
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Lead Type Lockup 1328 Mar  gachap
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Help with Latham Model Stitcher 225 Mar  typecomp
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Hamilton cabinet serial number 513 Mar  jcruise
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Windmill Gradient Printing 2313 Mar  Louie Dudas